What is a home inspection?
A home inspection is an objective, professional examination of readily accessible, visually observable installed systems, and components of buildings listed in the CAHPI National Standards of Practice. [CAHPI: Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors]

How long does a home inspection take?
A thorough home inspection typically takes around 3 hours (or more) depending on various factors, e.g., size of the home, complexity, new additions, etc.

What is involved in the inspection process?
A home inspection is a visual inspection of: structural systems; exterior systems; roof systems; plumbing systems; electrical systems; heating systems; fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances, air conditioning systems; interior systems; visible insulation and vapour barriers; and any mechanical and natural ventilation systems.  

Should I be present at the inspection?
During the inspection, our home inspector may make suggestions on repairs or necessary improvements and may also provide you with the approximate time frame in which these should be addressed. Being present at the inspection will provide you the opportunity to gain valuable information on the current condition of the house, notice defects or repairs that you may not have been aware of earlier, and to discuss any concerns or future-plans for renovations.

What do I get for the Fee?

  • An incredible education on the house you have decided to purchase. This includes knowing what to expect and when will major systems need to be replaced.
  • A detailed report including pictures, illustrations and approximate timeframes.
  • A direct line to your inspector to answer any questions for as long as you own the home.

Do all homes need an inspection?
Every home buyer/seller will benefit from a home inspection. Buying a home may be one of the largest investments you make. A trained and certified home inspector who also holds membership in a reputed association like the OAHI (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors), could help you identify potential problems, and ensure that your hard-earned dollars are well invested.

What kind of report do you provide?​

HORIZON is a comprehensive web-based reporting system that produces an exceptional, easy-to-read report. This system was created by Carson Dunlop and is used by home inspectors across North America. The report includes not only a description of the home but documents our observations and recommendations, including approximate cost estimates for repairs, where appropriate. The report includes colour illustrations and photographs, as well as links to relevant reference materials.

When will I receive a report ?
We will make every effort to send you an electronic copy of the home inspection report, within 24 hours of the inspection. This report will provide you with valuable information on the current condition of your home. This information may help you to better maintain your home, make it more energy efficient, as well as plan for any major expenses in the future, e.g. replacing a furnace or roof shingles, insulating the attic, etc.

What about Pre-delivery inspection for new homes?

All builders are required to do a thorough, floor-by-floor walk through with you before they hand over the keys. It’s called a Pre-Delivery Inspection or PDI, and it takes place when your new home is ready for occupancy. It is the first opportunity to view your completed home and assess its condition before you take possession. This is a good time to also have your home inspector present, to follow you on this ‘walk-through’. A home inspector is trained to help you identify any damaged, incomplete, or missing items, as well as anything that is not operating properly or cannot be assessed because it is obscured from view or inaccessible.